What does it take to be a successful businessman in the field of commercial enterprise? Is luck enough to compete and survive in this area or do you need skills and knowledge to give your business success a boost?

The power of experience

Once you develop an expertise on a particular skill through experience, you can mentally jot down the different routes and the future direction of, for instance, your business whenever you are in a very compromising situation. This ability to analyze the situation and carefully map out a solution is rare but achievable, if you have the right experience.  

When you encounter the same circumstance, you’ll know what to do and how to handle it better.

Cooke Christopher of San Clemente is associated with various businesses, playing important and challenging positions in many companies. Like a good worker, he is able to fully manage and carry  out the roles with utmost responsibility.  His secret? Enthusiasm and passion motivate him to perform his duties well.

To work for different business companies at the same time will require an individual a sense of differentiation. One has to set boundaries or have a clear picture and understanding of the vision of each certain business you are engaged in. To be able to carry out the tasks with outstanding performance is what primarily the employer or the company itself will demand from its employees.

Cooke Christopher of San Clemente has the following current occupational records, multitasking diverse roles that requires an individual excellent management skills, knowledge and flexibility to be able to handle everything his job requires.

·         Front Line Response, LLC- Executive Vice President

He is currently working as an Executive Vice President since January 2010. The Front Line Response, LLC serves as a subcontractor to the biggest home builders in Arizona and California.

·         QwikResponse Construction- Director of Business Development

The QwikResponse Construction provides quality construction services to the home builder industries and insurance in California at a competitive price. He is currently working as a Director of Business Development from the month of December year 2004.

·         CBC Business Development- President and CEO

Formulating innovative schemes and ideas to expand businesses into new markets is the goal of the CBC Business Development. He currently plays two roles in this company and that is as a President and CEO, since January 2000.


He also worked as a Vice President for Sales and Marketing at SPACE MAGAZINE from May 2003 to December 2004. In the Intraday Automation or IA, he took the role as Director of Sales and Marketing since February 2000.

In a nutshell, Cooke Christopher of San Clemente is dedicated towards his work. He possesses excellent knowledge on various business with his experiences and skills and can support an organization’s endeavor towards business as long as the “INTEREST” is highly perceptible within that person.

Having a clear understanding of the business’ vision helps direct the enterprise itself to its assumed destination.  Along with the other elements, it will indeed boost your business to success.



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